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Hello and Welcome to the Kufty website. My name is Mick the creator of Kufty.com. This site was borne from a passion that I developed for the world of Tarot over many decades; collecting items such as rare books and beautiful tarot decks and reading for family and friends.


I also developed an interest in web design and due to my additional interest, I was encouraged to combine both, in a way that would allow me to pass on all I had learned over the years to others in the hope that it would enable them to also appreciate, enjoy and develop a better understanding of tarot.


I truly hope that by visiting my kufty.com web site that you will derive much help, pleasure and understanding of the tarot to the point where you will be able to read confidently for yourself, family and friends and make use of your new found abilities.


You will find tarot card lessons, information about tarot card decks, information about major arcana cards and minor arcana cards and more. I hope I have included a lot of useful and interesting information and that you will enjoy what I believe to be easy step-by-step tarot lessons. You will also see images of some of the very beautiful cards that I have in my collection. There is also a section relating to free tarot card readings which you may also find interesting.


I used to offer free tarot readings a few years back but alas due to family commitments and time constraints and health issues, this is no longer possible. Still I hope you will find my site a useful resource.



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