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Three of Wands


The 3 of Wands tarot cardThe Three of Wands Meaning of the Symbols.

The three of Wands symbolizes a persons need for help, collaboration to progress. He looks forlornly across a dry lake to the mountain of enlightenment, this symbolizes his inability to progress. The upright wand in his action hand symbolizes ideas held, the two wands behind him are symbolizing the hidden ideas that will come through future partners. The sash ties his fire. There are ships that symbolize his imagination but they are stranded on the dry lake bed, they need the life giving energies of water to sail again. ( Note, most Rider Waite cloned tarot cards show these ships on water, I wonder whether the artists could see the significance?)


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  The Three of Wands Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords                     
Collaboration. Pooling talents. Initial success. Import/Export. Travel. Stagnation.

The Three of Wands Meaning.
A need to seek help before you carry on, be patient. Your ships will come in. Look outside the box before you make plans.

The Three of Wands Reversed.
Lacking faith in your abilities. Inability to link the imagination to the the physical world.



Sun in Aries

A strong tendency to act on impulse without considering the consequences will create some very interesting life scenarios for those with the Sun in Aries. Active, spontaneous and brave, you thrive on new challenges. The key word here is "new." You love anything that presents you with a sense of adventure. Experiences which allow you to express yourself as a leader and use your natural ability to take the initiative especially appeal to you.







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