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Three of Pentacles


The 3 of Pentacles tarot cardThe Three of Pentacles Meaning of the Symbols.

The three of Pentacles symbolizes a step up the ladder,  promotion at work and an acknowledgement of skills. The three pentacles in the triangle forming part of the support for the church arch symbolizes the mans skilful work already done. A double bow of secrets hold the triangle up. The apron symbolizes a craftsman while the priest symbolizes spirituality and the man symbolizes acknowledgement. All the duel symbolism of spirituality and a workman's skills are directed to earth by the central water triangle, this symbolizes the spiritual satisfaction we can gain from learning how to do, and doing,  a perfect job.


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  The Three of Pentacles Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Sharing skills. Acknowledgement. Promotion. Success. Perseverance.

The Three of Pentacles Meaning.
Showing and sharing your skills. A master of your art. Achievement in commercial or business ventures.

The Three of Pentacles Reversed.
Your skills are going to waste or being misused. Overqualified or underpaid for your work. Originality stifled. Talents overlooked.



Mars in Capricorn

You are hard working and a good organizer. You are more than willing to put forth whatever effort is required to attain your desires. When you are motivated, you can display excellent self-control and self discipline. Many other people would have a hard time keeping up with your ability to work unceasingly toward an end.






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