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Three of Cups


The 3 of Cups tarot cardThe Three of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

The three of Cups symbolizes happy endings, a time for joyous celebrations and family reunions. The garments are white to symbolize purity, red to symbolize the fire within us and yellow to symbolize our intellect. The three cups held high symbolizes a joyous freedom from want. Personal puzzler, notice that intellect and purity are not directly facing their fire counterpart here, intellect is keeping some of the fruits of their labour from the others view and we do not see what purity has in her other hand.   

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  The Three of Cups Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords

Party time. Plenty. Reunions. Satisfaction. Achievement. Birth. Marriage.

The Three of Cups Meaning.
Special celebrations for things like births, marriages, unions and reunions. A successful harvest. Happy times ahead. Making plans for a party.

The Three of Cups Reversed.
Unhappiness due to a love triangle. Promising possibilities that come to nothing. Exploitation of emotions. Meaningless physical pleasures


Mercury in Cancer

Intuitive, expressive and somewhat changeable in nature, you have an active and creative imagination that can be put to very positive use if you choose. Try not to use it to create imaginary slights from others that will only cause you unnecessary disappointment.. You have a good memory and a sentimental nature.




This card is from the Soprafino il Meneghello Milano Tarot deck














This one is from the Dragon Tarot deck













The Renaissance Tarot deck gave us this one.














Another card from the Indian Tarot deck














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