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Ten of Swords


The 10 of Swords tarot cardThe Ten of Swords Meaning of the Symbols.

The ten of Swords simply symbolizes an ending, the worst is over now so its time to move on, new beginnings. Where the Death card symbolized an ending by natural reactions this card tells us of an ending caused by physical forces, the swords systematically piercing the mans back are symbolizing the physical forces that caused the ending. The dark skies above symbolize the gloom of the moment but they are already giving way to the bright sunlit skies rising from the horizon. We also see an easy crossing over calm waters will bring the man to fresh pastures.


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  The Ten of Swords Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Ruin. Failure. Beaten.Worst is over. Time to rebuild. Move on.


The Ten of Swords Meaning.
The nightmares portrayed in the nine of wands become a reality. Ultimate betrayal. The end of a venture. The lowest point has been reached so now the only way to go is up.

The Ten of Swords Reversed.
You're over-reacting to the problem. Time to face reality. Any progress will only be temporary.

Sun in Gemini

Clever, social and communicative, your general approach to life is light hearted. You can be somewhat hard to pin down because you have a wonderful natural curiosity about life. You prefer to know at least a little bit about everything. The restless nature of Gemini is quite conducive to your preference for a wide variety of experiences and mental pursuits. Geminis often won't take a particular subject into great depth, but for you, just having a taste of the smorgasbord that life offers is enough to satisfy.



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