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Ten of Cups


The 10 of Cups tarot cardThe Ten of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

The ten of Cups symbolizes a state of permanence and contentment in all matters pertaining to the heart, a happy marriage. The cups symbolize an abundance of heavenly gifts and the rainbow signifies the end of hard times. The house symbolizes stability and homely comforts. The green garden symbolizes fertility.  The river symbolizes a free flow of feelings. The two children bring balance to this relationship. The line crossing the garden symbolizes a boundary which hasn't been crossed, this tells us the couple are celebrating their arrival, they have reached home.



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  The Ten of Cups Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Perfection in human love. Successful relationship. Union. Bliss. Contentment.

The Ten of Cups Meaning.
You're where you want to be, reached your goal. You have a happiness and contentment that is going to last. You have no concerns for the future now.

Ten of Cups Reversed.
Quarrels with friends or loved ones brings unhappiness. feelings of insecurity in a relationship.

Mars in Pisces

You are highly emotional and even though you may give the impression of being calm and collected, you often experience an inner unrest that others are not aware of. The principle of Pisces is to dissolve and when this acts on your energy and motivation you may find it challenging to maintain a sustained level of output.
You basically dislike confrontation and you will often repress your anger. However, when you do finally explode, you may actually find it hard to calm down and "get over it."


This is the Ten of Cups from the Tapestry Tarot deck













The Ten of Cups from the Shapeshifter Tarot deck









 The Ten of Cups from the Inner Child Tarot














Finally, the Ten of Cups from the Shakespearian Tarot, the cups are called Crowns in this deck.












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