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Below is a list of most of my decks, if you want to know more about any particular deck just send an email to the address below and I will post it, I will also be posting samples of some decks pictures in the future.


The Eight of Wands.

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Hybrid Tarot
Basic Tarot
Coleman-Smith Tarot
Experimental Tarot
Pamela-a cards
Reversed Basic Tarot
Reversed Hybrid Tarot

Alcahol Tarot, The Drunken Prophet.
Alchemical Tarot, Robert M Place.
Ananda Tarot, Ananda Kurt Pliz, with book.
Ancestral Path Tarot, Julie Cuccia-Watts, with book.
Ancient Egyptian Tarot, Clive Barrett, with book.
Angel Tarot, booklet.
Art of Tarot, with book.
Arthurian Tarot, Caitlin and John Matthews, Illustrated by Miranda Grey, with book.
Astro Tarot, Russel Grant.
Avalon Tarot, Joseph Viglioglia, cards only (no booklet)
Barbara Walker Tarot.
Bohemian Cats Tarot, Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony.
Bosch Tarots, Alexandrov Atanassov.
Bruegel Tarot, Guido Zibordi.
Celtic Dragon Tarot, D J Conway & Lisa Hunt, with book
Celtic Tarot, Courtney Davis & Helena Paterson, with book.
Celtic Tarot, Julian De Burgh, with book.
Classical Tarot, Carlo DellaRocca.
Cleopatra Tarot, Silvana Alasia & Etta Stoico.
Comparative Tarot, Valerie Sim.
Connolly Tarot, Eileen Connolly.
Cosmic Tribe Tarot, Stevee Postmann. Booklet
DaVinci Enigma Tarot, Caitlin Mathews, with book.
Destiny Tarot, Jane Struthers, with book.
Diamond Tarot, Marie-Louise Bergoint/Klaus Holitzka.
Dragon Tarot, Peter Pracownik, with book.
Dreampower Tarot, RJ Stewart & Stuart Littlejohn, with book.
Druid Craft Tarot, Stephanie & Philip Carr-Gomm, with book.
Egyptian Tarots, M. O. Wegener, Silvana Alasia
Elemental Tarot, Caroline Smith, with book.
Elementary Tarot, With book.
Enchanted Tarot (Tarot of the Hidden Folk) Giacinto Gaudenzi.
Fairy Tarot, Antonio Lupatelli.
Fairytale Tarot, Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony, with book.
Gendron Tarot, Melanie Gendron.
Gilded Tarot, Ciro Marchetti, with book
Gothic Tarot of Vampires, Riccardo Minetti & Emiliano Mammucari.
Gothic Tarot, Joseph Vargo.
H. R. Giger Tarot, with book.
Haindl Tarot, Hermann Haindl.
Housewives Tarot, Paul Kepple, Jude Buffum with book.
Ibis Tarot, Josef Machynka.
Indian Tarot, comes without even a booklet.
Inner Child Cards (Tarot), Isha and Mark Learner, with book.
Kudos (Master) Tarot.
Legend, the Arthurian Tarot, Anna-Marie Ferguson, with book.
Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot, A. Atanassov, I. Ghiuselev.
Lord of the rings Tarot, Terry Donaldson /Peter Pracownik.
Love Tarot, Nancy Tolford.
Lovers Tarot, Large Majors by Jane Lyle with book.
Mage the Ascension Tarot, Jackie Cassada & Nicky Rea with book, one card missing.
Magickal Tarot, Anthony Clark.
Merlin Tarot, Miranda Grey, with book.

Minchiate Tarot (97 cards) Brian Williams, with book.
Motherpeace Round Tarot, Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble.
Mysteries of the Tarot, Book and cards set.
Mystic Megs Tarot.
Native American Tarot, Magda Weck Gonzales. With book.
New Rider Waite Tarot, Adam Fronteras, with book.
Nimue Tarot, Nemue.
Norse Tarot, Clive Barrett, with book.
Olympus Tarot, Luca Raimondo.
Osho Neo Tarot, Ma Deva Waduda and Ma Prem Pujan.
Osho Zen Tarot, Ma Deva Padma & Osho, with book.
Pagan Tarot, Robin Payne, Rosemarie Lewsey, with book.
Prediction Tarot, Peter Richardson.
Quest Tarot, Joseph Ernest Martin, with book.
Quick and easy Tarot, M Hanson-Roberts & Ellen Lytle.
Renaissance Tarot, Helen Jones, with book.
Revelations Tarot, Zach Wong, with book.
Robin Wood Tarot.
Rohrig Tarot (German edition) Carl W. Rohrig, with book.
Sacred Circle Tarot, Anna Franklin, Paul Mason, with book
Shakespearian Tarot, Delores Ashcroft-Nowicki, with book.
Shapeshifter Tarot, Lisa Hunt, with book.
Sharman Caselli, with book.
Sola Busca Tarot (Ancient Enlightened Tarot).
Songs for the journey home, Cathrine Cook, (Round Tarot) with book.
Spirit of Flowers Tarot, Laura Tuan.
Stairs of Gold Tarot, Tavaglione.
Starter Tarot, George Bennett.
Tapestry Tarot, Yvonne G.Jenson.
Tarot art Nouveau, Antonella Castelli.
Tarot of Love, Marcia Perry.
Tarot of Mermaids, Mauro De Luca.
Tarot of the Cloisters, Michelle Leavitt.
Tarot of the Gnomes, Antonio Lupatelli.
Tarot of the Master, Giovanni Vacchetta, Michela Gaudenzi.
Tarot of the Old Path, Howard Rodway, Sylvia Giansford, with book.
Tarot of the Thousand and one nights, Leon Carre.
Tarot of the Witches, Fergus Hall.
Tarot Sutra, with book.
Tarots of Marseilles, Claude Burdel, 1751.
Tarots of the Sphinx, Silvana Alasia.
The Essential Tarot, Set, Hanson Roberts deck plus book.
Ukiyoe Tarot, Koji Furuta.
Vertigo Tarot, Dave McKean, with book.
Via Tarot, Susan Jameson, John Bonner, with book.
Vision Tarot, Tim Thomson.
Wheel of Change Tarot, Alexandra Genetti, with book.
William Blake Tarot, Ed Buryn, with book.
Winged Spirit Tarot, David Sexton.
Witches Tarot, Ellen Cannon Read, with book.
World Spirit Tarot, Jessica Godino & Lauren O'Leary, with book.





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