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Card images from the Experimental Tarot

The Fool

The Creator

The Virgin

The Empress

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The Emperor

The Pope

The Choice

The Victory


The Shaman



The Hanged Man



The Devil

The Tower

The Star

The Moon

The Sun



One of Water
The FountainFountain, The One of Water Tarot card

Two of Water
The SpringSpring, The Two of Water Tarot card

Three of Water
The SpaSpa, The Three of Water Tarot card

Four of Water
The MoatMoat, The Four of Water Tarot card

Five of Water
The RainSudden Rain, The Five of Water Tarot card

Six of Water
The OasisOasis, The Six of Water Tarot card

Seven of Water
The OceanOcean, The Seven of Water Tarot card

Eight of Water
The WellThe Well, The Eight of Water Tarot card

Nine of Water
GaiaGaia, The Nine of Water Tarot card

Ten of Water
Deep BlueDeep Blue, The Ten of Water Tarot card

Daughter of WaterThe Daughter of Water Tarot card

Son of WaterSon of Water Tarot card

Mother of WaterMother of Water Tarot card

Father of WaterFather of Water Tarot card

One of Fire
The Wildfire

Two of Fire
The Flame

Three of Fire
The Beacon

Four of Fire
The Home

Five of Fire
The Furnace

Six of Fire
The Torch

Seven of Fire
The Flash

Eight of Fire
The Volcano

Nine of Fire
The Radiance

Ten of Fire
The Strike

Daughter of Fire

Son of Fire

Mother of Fire

Father of Fire

One of Earth
The Seed

Two of Earth
The Impulse

Three of Earth
The Fruits

Four of Earth
The Clay

Five of Earth
The Quake

Six of Earth
The Harvest

Seven of Earth
The Avalanche

Eight of Earth
The Core

Nine of Earth
The Forest

Ten of Earth
The Desert

Daughter of Earth

Son of Earth

Mother of Earth

Father of Earth

One of Air
The Breath

Two of Air
The Exchange

Three of Air
The Breeze

Four of Air
The Standard

Five of Air
The Gust

Six of Air
The Open Air

Seven of Air
The Fog

Eight of Air
The Symbol

Nine of Air

Ten of Air
The Cyclone

Daughter of Air

Son of Air

Mother of Air

Father of Air




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