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Tarot Swords Reversed 2
Reversed meanings for the Eight plus Nine, Ten, Page,
Knight, Queen and the King of Swords, with pictures.

The Reversed Eight of Swords Tarot card Eight of Swords Reversed Meanings.
You overcome your fears and your renewed confidence has made it possible to break away from your present restrictions, you can now take the first steps to freedom and to being in a more positive frame of mind. Your bonds and blindfold are being removed, just turn around and walk into a new life. If there are any setbacks at this time they will only be temporary. You understand the problem and you know the solution to the problem.
Reversed 8 of Swords keywords; Opened eyes, new confidence, freedom, release, initiative, assertion, restart.

The Reversed Nine of Swords Tarot card Nine of Swords Reversed Meanings.
Your inner fears are causing stress and worry, they are unfounded and need to be confronted as soon as possible. This bad phase of your life may seam terrible now but it is teaching you valuable life lessons, the good thing is that it will soon come to an end, just a little patience is needed. Changes must be made if you want to improve your situation. Look to the future instead of brooding on the past, an end to your depression is within sight.
Reversed 9 of Swords keywords; Unfounded fears, doubt, faith, hope, timid, deception.

The Reversed Ten of Swords Tarot card Ten of Swords Reversed Meanings.
Now is the time to rid yourself of that Devil within and revaluate the goals you set yourself. The problems you're facing are not as bad as they appear, so you can stop overreacting. Your recent victories are illusionary and any progress you make now will only be temporary, but can still take advantage of them before things revert back to the way they were. Your partner has been treating you badly for some time now but you keep going back for more, it would be better to end it.
Reversed 10 of Swords keywords; Temporary success, profit, benefit, improvement, unfocussed, grief.

The Reversed Page of Swords Tarot card Page of Swords Reversed Meanings.
This Page reversed can become paranoid over trivial matters, this paranoia ensures he will always be the one to strike the first blow. He is also a devious and vindictive youngster who will resort to lying to get himself out of tricky situations. He is not interested in making friends and will meddle in matters that do not concern him. Someone who pretends to be a friend while seeking out your hidden weaknesses. You might receive a hurtful message.
Reversed Page of Swords keywords; Spiteful gossip, impostor, meddler, deceit, prying, devious.

The Reversed Knight of Swords Tarot card Knight of Swords Reversed Meanings.
This Knight is often an older youth who's incapable of controlling his actions. An impatient person who loves danger, he ignores warnings and charges in without thinking. He will take advantage of others to get what he wants and can get rather nasty when things are not going his way. He has a sharp wit and knows how to use it, he loves playing mind games, you'll find it hard to win an argument with him. He's liable to disappear just as quickly as he arrived.
Reversed Knight of Swords keywords; Impulsive actions, impatience, conceited, confrontation, aggression, headstrong.

The Reversed Queen of Swords Tarot card Queen of Swords Reversed Meanings.
An intelligent but bad tempered person who is an expert twister of words. She is an evil and dangerous woman, most of her evil doings are done secretively. She has to have her own way at all times, she remembers old grudges and will eventually get even. Probably single, if you try to befriend her she will soon get you into embarrassing situations. She is short tempered and it doesn't take a lot to antagonise her. Cross her and you will feel her wrath.
Reversed Queen of Swords keywords; Self pity, cunning, bigotry, vengeful, loneliness, evil.

The Reversed King of Swords Tarot card King of Swords Reversed Meanings.
This is an intelligent person who goes to extraordinary measures to appear trustworthy, but he abuses his power and you trust him at your peril. Some bad experiences in the past have left him believing everyone is like himself and this has caused him to become very distrustful of others. He will never back down from a fight. He looks after his own interests, is dangerously manipulative and enjoys causing trouble. If you're having a rough time then tough action is required.
Reversed King of Swords keywords; Maliciousness, untrustworthy, suspicion, slander, conflict, selfishness.

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