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Tarot of Pentacles Reversed  (page 2 of 2)

Reversed meanings of the Eight, Nine, Ten, Page,
Knight Queen, and King of Pentacles, with pictures.



The Reversed Eight of Pentacles Tarot card Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.

Watch out for people who pretend to be something they're not. You have the talent within you but it needs to be brought out., more learning and/or practice is required. Being impatient and cutting corners to make a quick profit will harm your reputation. Success does not happen, it takes hard work. You're losing your concentration.  Your job could be on the line so make sure your senior can see you're doing your best. Dishonest use of funds.

Reversed 8 of Pentacles keywords; Quick fix, impatience, laziness, impostors, greed, limitations.

The Reversed Nine of Pentacles Tarot card Nine of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.

A fortune seeker may be targeting you or someone close to you. A lack of self-discipline leads you to live beyond your means, ultimately this could result in your destitution. A lack of financial resources stops the expansion of your business. There is a sudden and unexpected drain on your finances. Unethical use of wealth gained by others misfortunes. Your plans have not worked out and this is posing a threat to your financial security.

Reversed 9 of Pentacles keywords; Financial problems, bad decisions, dissipation, laziness, deception, guilt,

The Reversed Ten of Pentacles Tarot card Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.
This card often indicates the destabilisation of established family ways. Your family may be losing it's good standing in the community. Red tape and inflexible traditions are stopping you progress. Any inheritance or large amount of money you have coming could be delayed or lost. gambling is becoming a problem, especially with the family fortunes. You have reason to worry about the health of an elderly family member.
Reversed 10 of Pentacles keywords; Family troubles, gambling, bad odds, loss, robbery, dissipation.

 Page of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.
The Reversed Page of Pentacles Tarot card
Any messages this wasteful scrounger brings will be unwelcome and of a disturbing nature. If you do befriend this youngster he will drain your financial resources, if you let him. He is lazy dim-witted and humorless, he also fails to recognize the obvious. His impulsiveness often leads him to idle diversions and non productive activities. The reversed Page of Pentacle might also indicate a child or youngster with learning difficulties.

Reversed Page of Pentacles keywords; Misleading information, rebelliousness, carelessness, impatience, greed, selfishness.

Knight of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.

The Reversed Knight of Pentacles Tarot cardAnother dull and humorless person, this Knight when reversed has no imagination at all, and due to his lack of foresight and determination anything he starts is doomed to failure. Financially he's living from day to day and just about breaking even, he's probably made plenty of enemies along his financial path. Be wary of this Knight because his complacency and his pessimistic attitude will hold you back. This is not a great time to go on a business trip.

Reversed Knight of Pentacles keywords; Idleness, carelessness, dogmatic, cowardice, unreliable, laziness.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.

The Reversed Queen of Pentacles Tarot card
Making money and keeping up appearances are this Queens chief concerns. An insecure and unloving childhood in a prosperous family has turned her into a selfish woman who misuses her wealth to the point where she has little left. She trusts no-one and others mistrust her, this attitude may stem from a deep rooted lack of self confidence. She only befriends those who can help her in a financial way, she takes without a thank you and gives nothing in return.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles keywords; False prosperity, mistrust, suspicion, selfishness, laziness, pretension.

King of Pentacles Reversed Meanings.

The Reversed King of Pentacles Tarot cardThis King is not too bright, he is easily swayed but hates to take a gamble where money is concerned. He will do anything to keep his vices going. In business he would be a formidable and ruthless opponent, using illegal, even vicious, tactics to gain the upper hand if necessary. He has no time for the finer things in life and mistrusts anyone who is artistically inclined. His business cronies would take priority over a loving relationship.

Reversed King of Pentacles keywords; Corruption, intolerance, avarice, unfaithfulness, mean, dishonesty.


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