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Tarot Majors Reversed 3
Reversed meanings of the Devil, the Tower, the Star, the Moon,
the Sun, Judgement and the World Tarot cards, with pictures.

The Reversed Devil tarot card The Devil Reversed Meanings.
Your starting to realize that your obsession is getting you nowhere. Things may turn out bad for you but be beneficial to others. Ignoring your natural instincts at this time could be dangerous to you. Your failing to see things clearly. Some good will come out of a nasty situation. Your slowly gaining enough knowledge, this may be spiritual understanding,  to untie the bonds that bound you. Your on an emotional roller coaster ride of your own making.
Reversed Devil keywords; Positive thinking, overcoming obstacles, freedom,  beating temptation, enlightenment, self awareness,

The Reversed Tower tarot card The Tower Reversed Meanings.
Circumstances have changed drastically but now a return to normality approaches, though things will never be the same again. A disaster in someone else's life disrupts your life, this is not permanent. Time to put your life back together again, in a more meaningful and positive way. You're having trouble getting out of the rut you put yourself in. Things look like they could become disastrous but there will be a last minute rescue. You could lose your job for no good reason.
Reversed Tower keywords; Last minute reprieve, entrapment, awakening, domination, oppression, shock.

The Reversed Star tarot card The Star Reversed Meanings.
Now that you have that which you desired for so long you wonder whether it was worth the effort. Hold-ups in a new venture are possible. Your superior attitude is your way of hiding your feelings of insecurity but this show will only bring you losses and sorrow. The hopes you have are not coming to fruition. Your pessimistic thinking will cause things to turn against you. There's a need to recognise the beneficial possibilities to get the best results.
Reversed Star keywords; Dashed hopes, lack of opportunity, bad luck,  pessimism,  sadness, disappointment.

The Reversed Moon tarot card The Moon Reversed Meanings.
Light has, or will be, shed on an unclear situation. There is a powerful temptation that you must resist. Your not thinking clearly which is bringing you morbid imaginations and self doubt, they are completely unfounded, you need to control them in order to progress. Don't gamble your money on an illusion, you will lose. You're about to lose something that you really wanted and was within your grasp. Recent events are confusing you. This card could also be warning of danger.
Reversed Moon keywords; Hidden foes, unforeseen dangers, silence, deception, instability, inconsequential deception.

The Reversed Sun tarot card The Sun Reversed Meanings.
Your expectations were far too unrealistic to be achieved, now you feel you will just have to live with the unsatisfactory outcome. The joys in your life have come at a price. The project you were banking on has been delayed. Threr may be an exposure of someone (it could be you) who has succeeded by foul means. If your plans are changed you should proceed with caution, your self important attitude may be your downfall. Hang on to your beliefs in your own abilities.
Reversed Sun keywords; Unclear future, minor setbacks, depression, delays, arrogance, narcissism,

The Reversed Judgement tarot card Judgment Reversed Meanings.
One particularly bad phase of your life has come to an end and there will be some unwanted repercussions, it's time to move on. You made a selfish choice which you will soon regret. Someone may be seeking revenge for your past actions. You didn't put your heart into it so the standards you achieve will be low. Legal decisions go against you. You're avoiding making a decision that must be made. You ignore opportunities because you fear change. Not up to scratch.
Reversed Judgment keywords; Lacking faith, no realization, sentence, separation, procrastination, indecision.

The Reversed World tarot card The World Reversed Meanings.
Something that is needed to make your life complete is missing. This is retribution time for past bad deeds. You forgot where you were going so now it's time to set new goals. You failed to complete the task you took on. Your not happy with the progress that's being made. Going back to the same old places, a failure to move along with the times, a lack of vision. The World reversed says you shouldn't take the lazy way out or give up. A fear of happiness.
Reversed World keywords; Unfinished business, delayed completion, delayed journeys, stagnation, limitations, imperfection.


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