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Tarot Majors Reversed 2
Reversed meanings for Strength, the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, Justice,
the Hanged Man, Death and Temperance Tarot cards, with pictures.

The Reversed Strength tarot card Strength Reversed Meanings.
This is not a good time to get into an argument, you're far to weak. There's a need for reassurance from someone you can trust. A tyrant is abusing their powers to work against you. An over enthusiastic approach on your part may be detrimental to your wishes or reaching your goal. Your working from a position of weakness, if you wish to succeed you must take steps to rectify this. The darker, and nastier, side of you may be taking over. Giving in to temptation..
Reversed Strength keywords; Fear of failure, weakness, cowardice, sickness, impotency, belittled.

The Reversed Hermit Tarot card The Hermit Reversed Meanings.
Your being overly cautious without good reason, open your mind to all the possibilities and stop being so foolish. A quiet spell is not your cup of tea, there's a need to interact with other people. You should take the advice of knowledgeable people seriously, they're working in your favour. The material and physical aspects of your life are taking over, you need some quiet time to get over your fear of getting to know your inner, spiritual, self. Impatience leads you nowhere.
Reversed Hermits keywords; A waste of Time, feeling lonely, hastiness, childishness, immaturity, rejection,

The Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meanings.
The outlook is not looking to good at the moment but with a  little work the Wheel will eventually turn in your favor. Things are not working out the way you expected. The run of good luck you have experienced lately is about to end so refrain from taking risks. Changes will happen whether you fight against them or not. You should wait until the wheel turns again before you act. Unwelcome and unexpected change in circumstances.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune Keywords; Unexpected delays, bad luck, misfortune, failure, defeat, aimlessness.

The Reversed Justice tarot card Justice Reversed Meanings.
Something that you want and deserve is being delayed or held back from you.  There could be complications regarding your legal affairs, a court decision may go against you and any penalties may be costly. An unfair outcome to your particular circumstances will bring outrage and sadness. A marriage separation will be messy and bring remorse and recriminations. The allegations against you are false. The powers that be are biased against you. Lack of perspective.
Reversed Justice Keywords; False accusations, wrong decisions, injustice, unfair,  inequality, bias.

The Reversed Hanged Man tarot card The Hanged Man Reversed Meanings.
You wander aimlessly through life without wondering why, you must learn to be more spiritually aware. You pay to much attention to your material needs. There are times in our lives when we need to make sacrifices, now is one of them, be sure that any sacrifices you do make are worthwhile. Let your instincts guide you, listen to your inner self. There is a need you to make an effort and act now, before your oppressive situation worsens. It's time to make compromises.
Reversed Hanged Man Keywords; False prophecy,  procrastination, egocentricity, materialism, selfishness, escapism.

The Reversed Death tarot card Death Reversed Meanings.
It's time to make important decisions and set new goals for the future. You must accept the changes that are affecting your life at this time and move on. They only stole from you that which you should have given freely. You have little interest in spiritual matters. You may be experiencing anger and frustration due to  the loss of  a friendship or lover. Make sure any future developments are going to be in your favor. You must face your fears.
Reversed Death Keywords; Recovery, hanging on, stagnation, inertia, inaction, decay.

The Reversed Temperance tarot card Temperance Reversed Meanings.
With a little compromise the situation could have been very beneficial to you, learn from your mistakes. Intolerance is causing disharmony in your workplace, the wrong company. You could be wasting your time and energy on unnecessary jobs. Unwanted competition is causing you to overdo things. You need to control your material excesses, drinking alcohol, eating, sexual etc. Your trying to do too many things at once, you must cut down on your workload..
Reversed Temperance Keywords; Intolerance, disharmony, discord, obsession, disunion, impatience.


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