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Tarot Majors Reversed 1
Reversed meanings for the Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Empress,
Emperor, Hierophant, Lovers and the Chariot Tarot cards, with pictures.

The Reversed Fool tarot card The Fool Reversed Meanings.
You know deep down that your being foolish. Never act on a sudden impulse, you must always wait until you know all the facts, this also applies to taking quick rash actions or letting outside influences sway your decision. A lack of confidence may be causing your reluctance to continue, or maybe it's a fear of the unknown. It would be madness to continue on the way you're going. Appearances may not be reality. You have misgivings regarding a romantic love prospect.
 Reversed Fool keywords; Keep it in proportion, foolish actions, hesitation, negligence, anxiety, impulsiveness.

The Reversed Magician tarot card The Magician Reversed Meanings.
There's a feeling of always being put down, your best ideas are often ridiculed and this is undermining your self-esteem. You could be getting tricked or conned, or you may be the one doing the tricking and conning, put your trust in your instincts. Lately your thinking has become disrupted, or muddled, and this is causing a lack of willpower and apathy towards reaching your goals. You refuse to face reality. Using your skills in a destructive way, a time to avoid action.
 Reversed Magician keywords; Lacking willpower, little interest, insecurity, mistakes, trickery, deception.

The Reversed High Priestess tarot card The High Priestess Reversed Meanings.
When the High Priestess is reversed she can be prone to talking a load of nonsense, using what superficial knowledge she possesses,  she does this to hide her ignorance. The seeker should watch out for bad advice. There may be an over sensitivity to psychic influences. Socialising and getting involved in community activities is becoming an important part of your life. Someone, probably a female, you trust is working against you. There is a need to follow your intuition.
 Reversed High Priestess keywords; Lack of understanding, losing reality, ignorance, Illusions, discretion, shortsightedness.

The Reversed Empress tarot card The Empress Reversed Meanings.
You can expect some turmoil in the home when an irate relative visits. Emotional frustrations and/or blackmail. You're  suffering from a lack concentration. There is a need to confront hidden feelings and desires, think your problems through without emotions. Domestic upheaval due to a neighbours activity.  There is a tendency to be over protective towards dependants. There could be delays in realizing your goals. A pregnancy problem could also be indicated.
 Reversed Empress keywords; Mental block, delays,  inaction, anxiety, infertility, indecision.

The Reversed Emperor tarot card The Emperor Reversed Meanings.
Childish behaviour from an immature and tyrannical adult, watch out for the tantrums, he may also be prone to uncontrolled emotional outbursts. Meaningless actions being carried out without emotional control is often indicated, also the inability to control emotions.  Excessive discipline leads to rebellion and weakness, a bully who is unable to control his emotions. A person who is not liked because of their self righteous ways and snobbish attitude.
 Reversed Emperor keywords; Weak character, Loss of perspective, bullying, rebelliousness, indecision, ineffective.

The Reversed Hierophant tarot card The Hierophant Reversed Meanings.
You have talents your not using. In a relationship you must respect the views of your partner. Power secured by withholding information or giving misinformation. Distortion of the truth causes upset. When reversed the Hierophant tells you be sceptical of information given by others. Dismissal of a persons position of authority. There is a lack of  faith in ones self which is leading to a need for physical gratification. You may be too kind or willing to obey others, see the other cards.
 Reversed Hierophant keywords; Lack of confidence, bad advice, nonconformity, rebellion, intolerance, insensitivity.

The Reversed Lovers tarot card The Lovers Reversed Meanings.
The Lovers reversed could herald the end of a relationship. Outside influences are causing frustration in a love affair, this may cause the end of the romance. Recognize the true nature of your situation or relationship and take the appropriate action, even if this means undoing the bonds between you.  you might be getting exploited do not take the easy option. Think of others when making choices, and don't let others sway your decision.
 Reversed Lovers keywords; Sexual frustration, emotional loss, failure, separation or divorce, interference, jealousy,

The Reversed Chariot tarot card The Chariot Reversed Meanings.
Transport problems are likely when the Chariot turns up reversed, or your travel plans may be disrupted. When the going gets tough you get going... away from the action, you lose the will to carry on when you hit obstacles.  You've lost control of the situation. More self-discipline on your part will help you in your quest for success. There's an urgent need to resolve a situation involving conflicting forces. Delays and other frustrations thwart your progress.
Reversed Chariot keywords; Out of control, negativity, failure, defeat, hesitation, obstacles.

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