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The Journeys



Introducing the Fools 5 Journeys

The Magician tarot card The Fools five journeys are designed to show the structure a typical 78 card tarot deck and how the cards relate to each other.
'The Fools journey' is a well known story in tarot circles but this journey involves his travels through the Major cards only. For our exercises we will also be following him along four new journeys taking him through the Minor suits as well, the concept is all you need to understand before you start the lessons and practicing your readings. We start here with his first journey through the Major Arcana.

The Outer World Stage

The Empress tarot card The Fools journey through the Major arcana represents a journey through a major cycle in his life. We're going to split this journey into its 3 chapters (most readers and teachers call them the 3 lines, some just tell them as a single chapter.)

During this first stage of the journey the Fool learns about the outer world.

The Fool is unsure of what lies ahead as he eagerly embarks on his journey through the Major cards, are there dangers or delights awaiting him.
He soon meets the Magician who gives him a the material tools plus tips and tricks he might need along the journey, next he encounters the High Priestess who tells him of his inner strengths and potential. He then meets the Empress, a mother figure who explains the virtues of mother nature, and the Emperor, a father figure who orders him to do things in moderation, the Hierophant also arrives and tells him how to believe in himself. The Fool now has all the information he needs to carry on but trouble soon looms as the Lovers offers him a choice, the first stage of his journey ends with the Chariot telling him to go for his choice.

The Inner World Stage

The Strength Tarot CardDuring the second stage of the Fools journey he discovers his inner self.
The next morning the Fool ponders on the previous days events, that choice bothers him and he realizes he will need inner Strength to guide him. The Hermit tells us he decided to quietly contemplate on his dilemma, he wonders whether the Wheel of Fortune would turn in his favor if he made the wrong decision but he decided that wouldn't be Justice. The Hanged Man tells the Fool to look at his world from another angle, this teaches him that there is always more than one way to look at things and that's when he decided it was time for the Death of his bad ways. The second stage of the Fools journey ends with his realization that balancing the facts with his newfound inner knowledge through Temperance is the way forward.

The Enlightenment Stage

The World tarot card During the third stage of the Fools Journey he seeks and finds enlightenment.

By the third morning the Fool still hadn't decided which of the choices offered by the Lovers he should choose, his head was telling him to make the choice his heart told him was just plain greedy. The sudden realization that this Devil called greed lurks inside him shatters his Tower of self esteem. The feeling of being humbled dispels the evil from his heart and in its place a Star is shining, this brings him hope for the future.
Now the Fool begins to see the light but then the Moon rises and shows him glimpses of the hidden things he missed along the way, next the Sun rises, and all becomes crystal clear in the Sunshine. Judgment of his actions follows and then the World signifies the end of this journey, it's time to start another one.

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Major Arcana

The Fool with the Magician, the High Priestess and the Empress.

The Emperor with the Hierophant, the Lovers and the Chariot.

Strength with the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune and Justice.

The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, the Devil and the Tower.

The Star with the Moon, the Sun, Judgement and the World.

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Queens Kings

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Nines Tens

Once you have
glimpsed the tail of
the bull, finding the
head is no great task.

Everyone knows that the shortest distance is as the crow flies, so why do they all take the long way around?

Sitting and thinking about your mind is about as much good as trying to tickle yourself

Can you tell someone how
to ride a bike? of course
not, they have to have feelings for it in their muscles and nerves,
you have to feel
Tarot cards too.

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