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The Fools journey through the Swords

The Ace of Swords tarot card The story of the Fools fifth and last journey takes him through the suit of Swords. Swords normally refer to our intellect and challenges, the difficulties we encounter in life, they correspond to the winter season and the element air.

The Page of Swords brings the Fool a message of discontentment amongst his counterparts, this tells the Fool to be ready for action and it comes when the Ace of Swords issues him with a challenge. The 2 of Swords soon presents the Fool with a dilemma, should he take the easy passive path or the harder aggressive path, the Knight of Swords advises him to stand his ground but 3 of Swords tells us he took the wrong path, things are looking bleak. The 4 of Swords tells the Fool to get over it and the 5 of Swords tells him to assess whether this challenge is worth winning. The Queen of Swords advises the Fool that challenges are always worth winning.
The 10 of Swords tarot card The last journey continues with the 6 of Swords showing the Fool another path to try but the 7 of Swords warns him he would need to protect his belongings along this path. The King of Swords then told the Fool there were ways to protect his belongings but the 8 of Swords tells us the Fool refused to see the wisdom of using them, the 9 of Swords brings worries to the Fool which caused him to have nightmares The worst has happened when the 10 of Swords turns the nightmares into reality.
If only he had removed those blindfolds, still, it was only his earthly possessions that were lost and now's the time to start again, preferably along an easier path.

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The Fool with the Magician, the High Priestess and the Empress.

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The Star with the Moon, the Sun, Judgement and the World.

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