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The Fools journey though the Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles tarot cardThe story of the Fools forth journey takes him through the suit of Pentacles.
Pentacles usually refer to materialism or health matters, they correspond to the autumn season and the element earth.

The Fool was feeling bereft of assets when the Page of Pentacles arrived, this Page told the Fool he was studying ways to improve his resources and advised the Fool to do the same. Then the Ace of Pentacles came along offering the Fool a chance to invest in some amazing opportunities, but the Knight of Pentacles told him it would take hard work to make it worthwhile. The 2 of Pentacles explains that he just has to weigh up his choices and decide which is the best place to invest so the Fool decides to go ahead. The 3 of Pentacles tells the Fool that his experience and skill will guide him into making the right choice, the 4 of Pentacles tells him not to be afraid of putting all his available assets into the investment. The 5 of Pentacles then warns the Fool he could lose everything if he loses faith but the Queen of Pentacles came to his aid by revealing the secrets of successful investment.
The 10 of Pentacles tarot cardSo the Fool doesn't lose faith and the journey continues, after the Fool makes his first killing the 6 of Pentacles advises tells him to share his bounty. The 7 of Pentacles then shows him a possible alternative action. The King of Pentacles then told the Fool it would be prudent to diversify but the 8 of Pentacles reminded him he will need to study hard to be successful on the alternative road, he decides to study and take the alternative road. As the journey comes to its end the 9 of Pentacles tells the Fool he can now be content with his achievements, the 10 of Pentacles says the last thing he should do is make sure his family and loved ones are provided for.

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