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The Fools journey through the Cups

The Ace of Cups tarot card The story of Fools second journey takes him through the suit of Cups.
Cups normally refer to matters of love and affection although this doesn't always involve other people, it could for instance refer to a persons love for their work. Cups correspond to the summer season and the element water.

The Page of Cups brings the Fool a welcome message about the venture to find his true love he's been thinking about starting and this sets the Fools mind into action. The Ace of cups starts the journey as he encounters the object of his passion and he feels the first flicker of affection. The Knight of Cups rides in on his horse and spurs the Fools vivid imagination, the 2 of Cups tells us he soon falls madly in love. The 3 of Cups then tells of the celebrations but the 4 of Cups brings disillusionment with the situation, things get even worse when the 5 of Cups turns up, love ends. Then the Queen of Cups arrives and comforts The journey continues when the 6 of Cups brings fond memories of the past, should he revisit a past love? The 7 of Cups shows him so many lovable choices that he realizes some of them may be not be good choices. The King of Cups arrives just in time to explain to the Fool why it's time to pull out. The 8 of Cups tells us he then decided to forget about the object of his affection altogether and start again. The Fool eventually makes his choice from the 7 of Cups and it turns out to be a wise choice, the 9 of Cups ends the confusion and tells us his wishes are now coming true, the journey's end comes when the 10 of Cups brings total happiness.

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