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Majors Cups Pentacles Swords


The Ace of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. Ace of Wands Keywords.
New venture Inspiration Enthusiasm Willpower.

 Ace of Wands Meanings.
A new opportunity that allows your ideas to become reality comes along, you have the creative energy to fulfill your ambitions.

The Three of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 3 of Wands Keywords.
Collaboration. Pooling talents, Initial success, Import/Export, Travel, Stagnation.

 Three of Wands Meanings.
A need to seek help before you carry on, be patient. Your ships will come in. Look outside the box before you make plans.

The Five of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 5 of Wands Keywords.
Fitting in, Competition, Assertiveness, Struggles, Obstacles, Rivalry.

 Five of Wands Meanings.
You choose to face challenges with a smile. Join social activities. Feeling a need to prove yourself.

The Seven of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 7 of Wands Keywords.
Fighting to stay on top, Beating adversity, Assertion, Competition, Courage.

 Seven of Wands Meanings.
It's time to stand your ground, stick up for yourself. You have the winning hand. Expect a challenge to your authority.

The Nine of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 9 of Wands Keywords.
Overcoming burdens, Self preservation, Trust in yourself, Resistance.

 Nine of Wands Meanings.
Trust in your own abilities. The road may be rough but you have what you need to move forward. You can expect changes and difficulties. Strength in opposition.

The Page of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. Page of Wands Keywords.
Good news, Communication ,Ideas, Faithful, Optimism.

 Page of Wands Meanings.
A hard-working and enthusiastic young person who will bring you positive inspirations. A free spirit, he could also be a messenger bringing important news that will cheer your heart.

The Queen of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. Queen of Wands Keywords.
Self-Governing, Trusting, Kind, Generous, Dramatic, Performer.

 Queen of Wands Meanings.
She is lively, active and a lover of freedom, this warm-natured Queen possesses charm and grace. A good organizer of money and practical affairs.


The Two of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 2 of Wands Keywords.
Travel. Unfulfilled potential. Success. Waiting. Inactivity.

 Two of Wands Meanings.
You've done well so far so don't let self doubt take over now. Allow your individuality to shine through. A partnership would be beneficial to a project.

The Four of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 4 of Wands Keywords.
Joint progress, Harmony, Compatibility, Security, Roots, Reward.

Four of Wands Meanings.
Mutual feelings of security in a relationship. Celebrations after a project ends successfully. Renovating your home or moving to a new house. Excited feelings for the future.

The Six of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 6 of Wands Keywords.
Rewards for past efforts, Brief rest, Success, Praise, Achievement, Congratulations.

 Six of Wands Meanings.
A well earned success brings rich rewards. Rest and recuperate for now but the battle must continue. Happiness built on past performance. Victory through diplomacy.

The Eight of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 8 of Wands Keywords.
Taking the initiative Ending stagnation Swift movement Communication Journey Love at first sight.

 Eight of Wands Meanings.
Speed and action are important to your progress. Communications will bring swift changes to your life. Travelling to improve your social or financial standing could be indicated.

The Ten of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. 10 of Wands Keywords.
Heavy burdens, Struggles, Under pressure, Overload.

 Ten of Wands Meanings.
Paying a high price for success. A need to ask for assistance. Too much commitment to your work. A heavy heart. Stifling resentments to keep a relationship going. Obsessive behavior.

The Knight of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. Knight of Wands Keywords.
New ideas, Action required, Change direction, Enthusiasm, Departure, Challenge.

 Knight of Wands Meanings.
An energetic man of action who seeks constant change, quick to start something but soon loses interest. Mood swings, he could change direction at any time. A journey could be indicated.

The King of Wands from the Hybrid Tarot. King of Wands Keywords.
Honesty, Confidence, Willpower, Commitment, Focused, Practical.

 King of Wands Meanings.
A strong man of authority who is always willing to assist. He is a romantic, generous and trustworthy man who loves the traditional ways. He takes the appropriate actions to get the right results.

Majors Cups Pentacles Swords
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