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The Ace of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. Ace of Swords Keywords.
Unwanted developments. Force. Courage. Determination. Triumph.

 Ace of Swords Meanings.
A power used for the common good. The start of progress which cannot be stopped. Misfortune makes you stronger.

The Three of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 3 of Swords Keywords.
Sorrow. Loss. Heartbreak. Hurt. Death.

 Three of Swords Meanings.
Inner conflicts are causing your problems. Painful ending of a relationship. Time will ease the pain.

The Five of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 5 of Swords Keywords.
Hollow victory. Defeat. Humiliation. Trickery. Unworthy.

 Five of Swords Meanings.
You need to change direction, cut your losses and get out. Swallow your pride and accept the inevitable. A dishonourable victory gets you nowhere.

The Seven of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 7 of Swords Keywords.
Taking advantage. Caution. Beware. Thief. Betrayal. Cheat.

 Seven of Swords Meanings.
Be cunning and make sure you fight on your terms, not your enemies. Careful planning will be needed before you return.

The Nine of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 9 of Swords Keywords.
Fear. Depression. Threats. Guilt. Worry.

 Nine of Swords Meanings.
Letting your fears control you. A nightmare situation leads to stress and worry. Anxiety over a loved one. Your fears have grown out of proportion.

The Page of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. Page of Swords Keywords.
Worrying news. Truthful. Discretion. Vigilance. Spying.
 Page of Swords Meanings.
A discreet observer who is motivated by the actions of others. He is mischievous and takes nothing seriously. He could unwittingly give bad advice or bring upsetting news.

The Queen of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. Queen of Swords Keywords.
Practical. Determination. Independence. Divorced.

 Queen of Swords Meanings.
An intelligent woman who lets nothing stand in her way, she has known sorrow but hides her emotions. She instinctively perceives the attitudes of others and pays great attention to detail.

The Two of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 2 of Swords Keywords.
Deadlock. Inner struggle. Uncertainty. Stalemate.

 Two of Swords Meanings.
Afraid to face your problems. Keeping people at bay. Refusing to listen to others. Turning your back on your emotions.

The Four of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 4 of Swords Keywords.
Time to re-evaluate. Withdrawal. Rest. Meditation. Abandonment.

 Four of Swords Meanings.
A wise temporary retreat during troubled times. Take time to gather your resources before you continue your struggle. Recuperation from a hectic life-style is needed.

The Six of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 6 of Swords Keywords.
Moving on. Journey overseas. Escape. Release. A new life.

 Six of Swords Meanings.
Moving away from troubles. Seeking peace of mind. Achieving a balance which brings order to your life. A journey by water could be indicated.

The Eight of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 8 of Swords Keywords.
Unwanted work. Fear of progressing. Barrier. Negative feelings.

 Eight of Swords Meanings.
A fear of moving on or making progress. Blinded from the truth. Fears over inability to help a loved one. A feeling of loneliness when dealing with problems.

The Ten of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. 10 of Swords Keywords.
Ruin. Failure. Beaten. Worst is over. Time to rebuild. Move on.

 Ten of Swords Meanings.
The nightmares portrayed in the nine of wands become a reality. Ultimate betrayal. The end of a venture. The lowest point has been reached so now the only way to go is up.

The Knight of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. Knight of Swords Keywords.
Acting on impulse. Over enthusiastic. Quick fix. Fearless. Triumph.

 Knight of Swords Meanings.
An ultra confident and brave person who works best in a crisis. A good friend in a crisis but he might not stay around long.

The Knig of Swords from the Hybrid Tarot. King of Swords Keywords.
Authority. Power. Fair judgment. Analytical. Respect. Honorable.

 King of Swords Meanings.
An intelligent man with an abundance of mental energy, this natural born leader thrives on intellectual stimulation. He is a trusted man who upholds the law and brings order to disorderly situations, he hides his emotions.

Majors Cups Wands Pentacles

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