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The Ace of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. Ace of Pentacles Keywords.
Financial luck. Prosperity. Reward. Gain. Success. Health.

 Ace of Pentacles Meanings.
The good things in life are coming your way. New goals to achieve. Good health.

The Three of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 3 of Pentacles Keywords.
Sharing skills. Acknowledgement. Promotion. Success. Perseverance.

 Three of Pentacles Meanings.
Showing and sharing your skills. A master of your art. Achievement in commercial or business ventures.

The Five of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 5 of Pentacles Keywords.
Lack of faith. Despair. Loneliness. Difficulties. Poverty. Loss.

 Five of Pentacles Meanings.
Suffering from ill health, drug or money problems. Joint struggles .Looking for support in the wrong places. You need to seek advice from your inner guide.

The Seven of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 7 of Pentacles Keywords.
Rest time. Decision time. Evaluation. Patience. Progress.

 Seven of Pentacles Meanings.
Take time to access your progress. You will be happy with the finished project. A time to focus on your financial responsibilities.

The Nine of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 9 of Pentacles Keywords.
Independence. Success. Comfort. Security. Achievement. Getting there on your own.

 Nine of Pentacles Meanings.
Prosperity and enjoying the comforts that money can buy. A fruitful garden. You have self-discipline and can rely on your own resources to get what you want.

The Page of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. Page of Pentacles Keywords.
New skills. Assistance. Job offers. Good financial news. Concentration. Entitlement.

 Page of Pentacles Meanings.
A young person who will want to look after your best interests. He goes by the book but is good at exploiting opportunities.

The Queen of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. Queen of Pentacles Keywords.
Opulence. Generosity. Security. Liberty.

 Queen of Pentacles Meanings.
This Queen has a firm grip on earthly reality, she will work hard for what she wants and enjoys the fruits of her labors, she is charitable and loves the good things in life.


The Two of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 2 of Pentacles Keywords.
Having fun. Juggling affairs. Balancing. Coping. Manipulating.

 Two of Pentacles Meanings.
Difficulties starting a project, you must trust in your abilities. Perpetually juggling finances. Spreading your resources wisely. You have plenty of time to get things right.

The Four of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 4 of Pentacles Keywords.
Surety of Possessions. Material equilibrium. Save. Generosity. Gift. Stash.

 Four of Pentacles Meanings.
Jealously holding onto your material gains. Riches lead to arguments and selfishness. Resistance to change affects your judgment.

The Six of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 6 of Pentacles Keywords.
Unexpected gifts. Helping others. Aid. Sharing. Presents. Receiving.

 Six of Pentacles Meanings.
Putting your money to good use. It's time to help others not as fortunate as yourself. You suddenly benefit from some ones good fortune. Good money management. Your kindness brings new friends.

The Eight of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 8 of Pentacles Keywords.
Self fulfillment. Further education. New skills. Hobbies.

 Eight of Pentacles Meanings.
Striving for perfection in your arts. Learning new skills to enhance those you already have. Success will come through hard work.

The Ten of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. 10 of Pentacles Keywords.
Stability. Prosperity. Security. Material wealth. Generosity. Family ties. Windfalls.

 Ten of Pentacles Meanings.
Completion and continuation in one. Having an abundance of spiritual and material wealth to pass on to the the people you love. A carefree family life. An inheritance or other


The Knight of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. Page of Knights Keywords.
Reliability. Desire to learn. Dependable. Practical Plans. Discoveries.

 Knight of Pentacles Meanings.
A young man who is trustworthy and hard working, he focuses his efforts on financial success and will always get the job done. He keeps to the established path.

The King of Pentacles from the Hybrid Tarot. King of Pentacles Keywords.
Abundance. Devotion. Comfort. Sponsor. Ambition. Shrewd.

 King of Pentacles Meanings.
This King is a successful realist who is cautious and practical in all his affairs, he has a good head for business and has amassed great wealth. He is generous and loves to help good causes, he enjoys the trappings his riches bring.

Majors Cups Wands Swords

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