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The Fool from the Hybrid Tarot. Fool Keywords.
Innocence, Beginnings, Purity, Freedom, Potential, Excitement, Risk.

 Fool Meanings.
New beginnings or opportunities beckon but the path ahead may not be as easy as it looks. Fresh company or new events are coming up.

The High Priestess from the Hybrid Tarot. High Priestess Keywords.
Insight, Illumination, Self Inspiration, Secrets, Mysticism, Feminine intuition.

 High Priestess Meanings.
The High Priestess tells seekers to look first to their heart for divine inspiration, inner conflicts tell you the answers can be found in the wisdom of wise older people.

The Emperor from the Hybrid Tarot. Emperor Keywords.
Law, Power, Counsel, Control, Wisdom, Confidence, Logic, Order, Aggression.

 Emperor Meanings.
You may need guidance from a strong person, one who can spur you into taking the positive action needed to achieve your goals and desires.

The Lovers from the Hybrid Tarot. Lovers Keywords.
Duality, Attraction, Temptation, Decision, Choice, Risk.

 Lovers Meanings.
Allow your heart, not your head, to guide you. A change of attitude will bring happier times.

The Strength card from the Hybrid Tarot. Strength Keywords.
Inner strength, Wisdom, Courage, Confidence, Willpower, Fortitude.

 Strength Meanings.
Look within yourself to find the strength to overcome the challenges life throws at you.

The Wheel of Fortune from the Hybrid Tarot. Wheel of Fortune Keywords.
Developments, Change, Chance, Luck, Gamble, Unrest, Destiny,

 Wheel of Fortune Meanings.
A favorable change in circumstances. Don't be afraid of
the unexpected, it will open new perspectives for you.

The Hanged Man from the Hybrid Tarot. Hanged Man Keywords.
Enlightened vision, Readjustment, Waiting.

 Hanged Man Meanings.
You may need to sacrifice something, learn to be patient. Look at things from different angels then be guided by your intuition.

The Temperance card from the Hybrid Tarot. Temperance Keywords.
Tranquillity, Forgiveness, Flow, Moderation, Compromise, Harmony, Tolerance

 Temperance Meanings.
A harmonious partnership, accomplishment through a successful combination.

The Tower from the Hybrid Tarot. Tower Keywords.
Beginnings, Purify, Freedom, Change, Potential, Enlightenment, Risk.

 Tower Meanings.
Sudden and complete change in circumstances, the collapse of beliefs or relationships. This is a time to rebuild with a better foundation and recover your ego.

The Moon card from the Hybrid Tarot. Moon Keywords.
Inner truth, Danger, Perception, Vision, Deceit, Fantasy.

 Moon Meanings.
Watch out for illusive manipulation by others for self gain, things may not be what they appear to be. Stay on your path for your own good.

The Judgment card from the Hybrid Tarot. Judgement Keywords.
Time for change, Rewards, Retribution, Decisions, Purification, Transformation.

 Judgement Meanings.
You reap the rewards of past efforts. A legal decision goes in your favor. It's time to account for your actions. Forgive those who have hurt you and move on.

The Magician from the Hybrid Tarot. Magician Keywords.
Ability, Opportunities, Energy, Power, Versatility, Knowledge, Falsehood, Ambitions.

 Magician Meanings.
All the ingredients for the successful fulfillment of your dreams are yours. The knowledge you require is within your grasp, support is at hand

The Empress from the Hybrid Tarot. Empress Keywords.
Fruitfulness, Motherhood, Comfort, Fertility, Love, Caring, Success, Creativity Feelings.

 Empress Meanings.
The Empress combines all the positive qualities of the four Queens bringing you material and domestic wellbeing. A firm foundation for the future. A birth

The Hierophant from the Hybrid Tarot. Hierophant Keywords.
Tradition, Wisdom, Established, Truth, Forgiving, Faith, Authority, Religion, Conservative.

 Hierophant Meanings.
Someone who steers others away from material concerns. A spiritual leader or advisor.

The Chariot from the Hybrid Tarot. Chariot Keywords.
Determination, Conquest, Ambition, Movement, Travel, Progress, Communication, Direction.

 Chariot Meanings.
Renewed optimism and motivation will bring you success. A victory achieved through personal effort. Travel is indicated.

The Hermit from the Hybrid Tarot. Hermit Keywords.
Self discovery, Meditation, Contemplation, Enlightenment, Self.

 Hermit Meanings.
A time to withdraw, to reflect, learn and explore. But don't become too detached from the outer world.

Justic from the Hybrid Tarot. Justice Keywords.
Just outcome, Fairness, Impartiality, Accountability, Law, Prudence.

 Justice Meanings.
When Justice comes up it's time to evaluate a situation. A decision will go your way. Righting a wrong. Getting what you deserve.

Death from the Hybrid Tarot. Death Keywords.
Endings, Restart, Loss ,Inevitability, Transition.

 Death Meanings.
Cleaning away the old to make way for the new. Loss of security. The end of an era. Kicking a bad habit.

The Devil from the Hybrid Tarot. Devil Keywords.
Unhealthy commitment, Misplaced loyalties, Bondage, Addiction, Lust, Impulsiveness.

 Devil Meanings.
You must face that which torments you in order to control it. Cut all your outdated bonds to the past. Be careful of where you place your loyalties. Make decisions wisely.

The Star from the Hybrid Tarot deck. Star Keywords.
Heavenly insight, Spiritual love, Inspiration, Hope, Belief.

 Star Meanings.
This is the card of divine inspiration, bright prospects ahead. Springtime of the heart.

The Sun from the Hybrid Tarot. Sun Keywords.
Positive thinking, Achievement, Bliss, Confidence, Clarity.

 Sun Meanings.
Clarity of thought and complete understanding will come soon. A period of contentment and great joy. New insight makes an old idea viable again. A birth.

The World from the Hybrid Tarot. World Keywords.
Attainment, Achievement ,Completion, Freedom, Restart.

 World Meanings.
The completion of your journey has been reached, you can start a new adventure now. The culmination of events or triumphs in undertakings.

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