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Easy Tarot Lesson 2

The second easy tarot lesson

If you followed the first lesson you have now done 78 single card readings and quiet a few 2 cards readings, now its time to progress. Read and keep in mind the five short stories (The five Journeys listed on the right) then away you go! Learning to read the Tarot is great fun and will be very rewarding spiritually.


Three card tarot spreads are the best to use when starting your journey into the tarot, you can gain a surprising amount of information from them while the larger spreads like the ten card Celtic Cross could just be confusing at first. They can
The Hierophant tarot cardbe tackled when you feel more confident with your readings, that's if you feel the need to use them.
You can shuffle the cards whichever way is comfortable for you. After shuffling you can either take 3 cards from the top or spread the cards out on a table and pick the ones your intuition tells you are right. Some readers make 3 piles from the deck then take the top card from each pile. It doesn't matter which way you do it, the point is to pick the cards randomly from the deck whichever way you feel is right for you. Now all you have to do is read them! :)


OK, I will do a sample reading to give you an idea, I just asked the cards what I need to know about the rest of my day and these three cards came up, lets see what they tell me.
The Hermit tarot card The 4 of Wands tarot card The 8 of Cups tarot card
The Hermit is a Major card which gives it prominence over the other suit cards it also came up first which gives it even greater significance, this card appears to me to be giving me a warning, it's telling me to think carefully before I act.

The second card was the 4 of Wands which tells me the warning is to do with something I love doing, well at the moment I'm working on this website so that must be it.:)
The third card tells me of disillusionment and looking at the picture I see a cup appears to be missing. This reading is telling me that that I need to think carefully about adding to something I enjoy doing or things may turn sour.

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