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The Ace of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. Ace of Cups Keywords.
Fresh emotions. Development. Excitement. Heart. Romance.

 Ace of Cups Meanings.
The exciting start of a relationship that could turn into true and lasting love, your heart opens to a new and special person. Job satisfaction and rapport with workmates.

The Three of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 3 of Cups Keywords.
Party time. Plenty. Reunions. Satisfaction. Achievement. Birth. Marriage.

 Three of Cups Meanings.
Special celebrations for things like births, marriages, unions and reunions. A successful harvest. Happy times ahead. Making plans for a party.

The Five of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 5 of Cups Keywords.
Unhappy ending. Loss. Sorrow. Pain. Abandonment. Remorse.

 Five of Cups Meanings.
You have lost your happiness for now but there can be more happy times to be enjoyed, just look at those losses as fond memories and start seeking them out. Stop wallowing in self pity. All is not lost.

Seven of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot.  7 of Cups Keywords.
Wanting it all. Wishful thinking. Hard decisions.  Imagination. Desires. Unobtainable.

 Seven of Cups Meanings.
The fantasies that can make our lives more exciting. Wishing for something doesn't make it happen. More choices than you know. Choose wisely.

The Nine of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 9 of Cups Keywords.
Time for indulgence. Happiness. Contentment. Reward. Satisfaction.

 Nine of Cups Meanings.
Often called the wish card, the nine of cups shows emotional and physical contentment, satisfaction on all levels. The good times are here. Your future will be brighter.

The Page of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. Page of Cups Keywords.
Birth of an emotion or child. Attraction. Personal news. Development.

 Page of Cups Meanings.
A young, willing and loyal person. He is also imaginative and emotional, ready to act on intuitive impulses.

The Queen of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. Queen of Cups Keywords.
Nurturer, Emotions, Intuition, Sensitivity.

 Queen of Cups Meanings.
A warm hearted and loving person, she is protective towards her family and sympathetic towards the needs of others. You can trust her instincts.

The Two of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 2 of Cups Keywords.
United souls. Love. Attraction. Affection. Friendship. Partnership.

 Two of Cups Meanings.
Love, harmony and emotional contentment within a relationship.
A happy rapport with colleagues. Making plans for the future.

The Four of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 4 of Cups Keywords.
Lack of motivation. Blind to potential. Apathy. Uncaring. Contempt.

 Four of Cups Meanings.
Open your eyes and appreciate what you have and what could be yours. Failed relationships but watch out for a new love potential. Familiarity breeds contempt.

The Six of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 6 of Cups Keywords.
Good old times. Beneficial memories. Renewing old ties. Sentiments. Nostalgia.

 Six of Cups Meanings.
Happy memories will chase those blues away. An old friend or lover returns. The past recurring will help forming a brighter future.

The Eight of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 8 of Cups Keywords.
Natural conclusion. Seeking a remedy. Breaking ties. Disenchantment. Withdrawing.

 Eight of Cups Meanings.
Follow your heart, your natural instincts. It 's time to move on. You need to find what is missing in your life.

The Ten of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. 10 of Cups Keywords.
Perfection in human love. Successful relationship. Union. Bliss. Contentment.

 Ten of Cups Meanings.
Your where you want to be, reached your goal. You have a happiness and contentment that is going to last. You have no concerns for the future now.

The Knight of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. Knight of Cups Keywords.
New romance. Proposal. Offer. Approach. Dreamer. Invitation. Self improvement.

 Knight of Cups Meanings.
This Knight is a loving and sensual person who could be bringing you invitations of an emotional nature. A passionate romantic, he is enthusiastic but easily bored.

The King of Cups from the Hybrid Tarot. King of Cups Keywords.
Wisdom, Empathy, Sensitive, Mature, Feelings, Loyalty.

 King of Cups Meanings.
This King is sociable, outgoing and considerate of others. He commands respect through his actions and is a faithful friend or lover, he is highly intuitive and gives excellent advice.

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