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Tarot Cups Reversed 2
Reversed meanings for the Eight, Nine, Ten, Page,
Knight, Queen, and King of Cups.

The Reversed Eight of Cups Tarot card Eight of Cups Reversed Meanings.
Now is a good time to re-evaluate past events and relationships, then things will become clear. Leaving your present situation creates fresh possibilities. Peace of mind eludes you, your present happiness is just an illusion, you lack the courage to move on. An event you've been expecting or planning will take place soon. This card can also herald happier times ahead.
Reversed 8 of Cups keywords; Happiness, joy, scared, fear, leaving family, bad influence. lack of commitment, dismay.

The Reversed Nine of Cups Tarot card Nine of Cups Reversed Meanings.
Make sure your sticking to the right path. Conceited thrill seeker, your unreasonable desires will be your downfall. You take the love and affection you receive from others for granted. You have an overconfident smugness that will lead you to misjudge the intentions of others. Action on your part is needed for your wishes come true, complacency, abuse of hospitality. Seeker of spiritual enlightenment.
Reversed 9 of Cups keywords; Loyalty, mistakes, arrogance, little effort, material loss.

The Reversed Ten of Cups Tarot card Ten of Cups Reversed Meanings.
This card could indicate differences developing within a relationship, these may be resolved in time. You have an unhealthy fixation which you really need to shake off. Friends moving away causes you sadness. Quarrels with friends or loved ones brings unhappiness. Feelings of insecurity when with a loved one, children are causing marital problems. Short-lived happiness.
Reversed Ten of Cups keywords; Quarrels, annoyance, opposition, indignation, strife.

The Reversed Page of Cups Tarot card Page of Cups Reversed Meanings.
Pages are often messengers, this one could be bringing you unwelcome news regarding relationships or close friends. Recent events have drained you emotionally. A spoilt brat like person who could try to manipulate your feelings, not to be trusted, he will break your heart if you let him into your life. Watch out for flared tempers caused by a persons inabilities.
Reversed Page of Cups keywords; Deviation, short distractions, lost opportunities, seduction, obstacles.

The Reversed Knight of Cups Tarot card Knight of Cups Reversed Meanings.
A person who has no idea where reality starts and fantasy begins, he is a philanderer who treats love and relationships as games. If an offer seams to good to be true then it probably is. An unfaithful lover, this person is afraid of making commitments and brings only emotional harm and heartbreak. A deceitful swindler with no regard for the truth.
Reversed Knight of Cups keywords; Unfaithful, deceit, fraud, lies, swindle, love-rival, treachery.

The Reversed Queen of Cups Tarot card Queen of Cups Reversed Meanings.
Refusal to leave a relationship where she is being abused because of deep rooted insecurity. You or someone close may be in need of a little tender love and affection. Suffering from an emotional drain caused by the loss of a friend or lover. An immoral person who demands constant attention, she can be a manipulative and moody woman who will drain your energies.
Reversed Queen of Cups keywords; Dishonesty, vice, immorality, little honor, malicious, moody, unreliable, untrustworthy.

The Reversed King of Cups Tarot card King of Cups Reversed Meanings.
This King may be in love with two partners at the same time, he knows this is wrong and this is causing him to be depressed.  Feelings of insecurity causing problems. An ill tempered escapist who is secretive and easily hurt, this King has no virtues and cares only for himself. He will often use his talents to trick people into helping him progress. He will refuse to back down in an argument.
Reversed King of Cups keywords; Scandal, hypocrisy, ruthless, shifty, double-dealer, vice, rogue, loss.

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