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Tarot Cups Reversed 1
Reversed meanings for the Ace, Two, Three, Four,
Five, Six, and Seven of Cups.

The Reversed Ace of Cups Tarot card Ace of Cups Reversed Meanings.
You must get it into your head that the world does not revolve around you, other peoples views and opinions can be just as valid. A new love enters your sweethearts life. A happy situation turns sour, a relationship of convenience. Trying to make new friends seems like an impossible task, a lack of emotional commitment is playing on your mind, inability to feel joy and experience life to the fullest, lack of inner trust, a false heart. 
Reversed Ace of Cups keywords; Stormy outlook. desperation, false heart, instability, emotional turmoil, sterility, mistrust.

The Reversed Two of Cups Tarot card Two of Cups Reversed Meanings.
Your sexual desires are taking priority over a loving relationship. This is not a time for making new commitments to a relationship. A troubled relationship is heading for divorce, play your cards in the right way now and it may become just a a short term separation. A frosty relationship needs one partner to make a move towards reconciliation. Unsatisfactory relationship, communication breakdown, opposing opinions.
Reversed 2 of Cups keywords; Rejection, misunderstanding, divorce, lust, false friends, false charmer.

The Reversed Three of Cups Tarot card Three of Cups Reversed Meanings.
You feel a sense of loneliness after the end of a friendship. A small improvement in your life may bring minor celebrations. You feel mentally detached from reality. A loss of self esteem, loss of respectability in the community. You're feeling sorrow due to a love triangle. Over celebrating leads to regrets. Meaningless physical pleasures, promising possibilities that come to nothing, exploitation of emotions.
Reversed 3 of Cups keywords; Disappointment, overindulgence, hangover, delay, exploitation.

The Reversed Four of Cups Tarot card Four of Cups Reversed Meanings.
You're finally breaking free from the stagnation which has recently plagued your life. New opportunities, a fresh outlook. You know and appreciate what's being offered. Love flourishes as familiarity grows. Now is the time to continue. The situation you're in at present is not as good as you thought it would be. You lose interest in your career or the projects you're working on. Over indulgence leads to exhaustion.
Reversed 4 of Cups keywords; New approach, precaution, care, excessive, prudence.

The Reversed Five of Cups Tarot card Five of Cups Reversed Meanings.
You're lost friends will soon be replaced by new ones. Looking after your full time career is more important than pursuing other interests at this time. An ex friend returns to renew your relationship, unhappy times are ending, you see better opportunities and start paying attention to what really matters. Stop fearing the future and proceed with caution. You need to explain your past actions, only then will the old wounds heal.
Reversed 5 of Cups keywords; Alliance, return, reunion, news, hope, favourable outlook.

The Reversed Six of Cups Tarot card Six of Cups Reversed Meanings.
Mounting tensions are causing rifts to develop in your relationship, it's time to iron things out. Your failure to adhere to the new ways will cause you to fail in your endeavours. Something that means a lot to you is is coming soon. Friends or lovers you lost recently will return. Personal affairs not going to plan, nostalgic memories of the old are hindering your efforts to commit yourself to the new. Moms not going to solve your problems now.
Reversed 6 of Cups keywords; Over sentimentality, the future, lethargy, resting on laurels.

The Reversed Seven of Cups Tarot card Seven of Cups Reversed Meanings.
You have a clearer vision of how the future will unfold now, this will aid you in your decision making. You must make your choices now if you wish to keep your peace of mind. Opportunities lost because of a wrong decisions. You've been alone long enough, if you put the past behind you and start looking for a new love now you will soon find that special person. There's a lack of action. Your material concerns are taking precedence over your spiritual needs.
Reversed 7 of Cups keywords; Determination, conflicts resolved, almost, attainable wish, grounded


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