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17. The Star

Sometimes displayed as XVII The Star, it is one of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck that make up the Major Arcana or Trump Cards. In most traditional decks it is also the seventeenth Trump of the 22 Trump cards.



 0 The Fool

 1 The Magician

 2 The High Priestess

 3 The Empress

 4 The Emperor

 5 The Hierophant

 6 The Lovers

 7 The Chariot

 8 Strength

 9 The Hermit

10 The Wheel of Fortune

11 Justice

12 The Hanged Man

13 The Death Card

14 Temperance

15 The Devil

16 The Tower

17 The Star

18 The Moon

19 The Sun

20 Judgement

21 The World

Ace of Cups

Ace of Wands

Ace  of Pentacles

Ace of Swords



  The Star Meaning of the Symbols.

The Star tarot card

In tarot the Star symbolizes our highest potential, hopes and promising outlooks. The water being poured into the pond and on the land symbolizes our silent and public emotional energies being poured out of our hearts to be replaced with heavenly insights and wisdom, symbolized by the large star. The 8 stars, the ibis bird and the tree all symbolize the everlasting nature of this wisdom.
The Star offers us inner wisdom but will we still let our emotions rule us.
















  The Star Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Heavenly insight. Spiritual love. Inspiration. Hope. Belief.

The Stars Meaning.
This is the card of divine inspiration, bright prospects ahead. Springtime of the heart.

The Star Reversed.
Dashed hopes, an opportunity missed through pessimism. Failure to set new goals.

Knowledge, Humanitarian, Serious, Insightful, Duplicitous
The Sun is in Aquarius between about 20th January and 18th February.

If the Sun was in Aquarius when you were born, you are probably a friend to all the world. Not only do you love mixing in parties, but you really care about the environment and the world at large. You'll make sure that your household recycles everything, ...you can lose your cool without warning if they don't...and you'll love any gadget that will make the world a greener place. This is partly because you love gadgets anyway; you might even invent your own! When it comes to getting involved though, either with people or any venture that needs commitment, you'll fade charmingly and politely, but rather vaguely, into the background.

Like those born with Sagittarius Rising, if you have Aquarius as your Ascendant you too will walk out into the world with your head high...but in your case it is up in the clouds and your mind is far away. Detached to the point of aloofness, your mind is concerned with high ideals, but you prefer to stand apart from close relationships, and you don't like strong feelings in others or even yourself. Beware, though! You're not that cool. You can explode without warning or go into a huge sulk if your dignity is threatened.


13 Eihwaz: (EI: Yew tree.) Strength, reliability, dependability, trustworthiness. Enlightenment, endurance. Defense, protection. The driving force to acquire, providing motivation and a sense of purpose. Indicates that you have set your sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals. An honest man who can be relied upon. Eihwaz Reversed or Merkstave: Confusion, destruction, dissatisfaction, weakness.

13. Ihwaz: This is the symbol of Yggdrasil, the world tree, with its roots in the earth and its branches in the heavens. It promises mental and spiritual growth and development. You may seem to be powerless, but you must be tough, disciplined and flexible. Patience is called for, and waiting may be the most desirable action. Seek independence from the routine of your regular life, so that you may grow in diversity and wisdom. This Rune may symbolize a mage or a mystic.
















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17. The Star



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