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Six of Wands


The 6 of Wands tarot cardThe Six of Wands Meaning of the Symbols.

The six of Wands symbolizes a victory and acclamations for our achievements so far, encouragement. The wreath adorning the mans head symbolizes victory, he is thinking only of the latest victory but the wreath on his wand has a hissing serpent on top, the serpent faces right (symbolizing forward movement) which tells of the wisdom of moving quickly onto the next challenge . He also stays seated on his horse, also facing right, which tells us he is ready for further action. (I often think the horse is telling the man to get a move on?)


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  The Six of Wands Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords

Rewards for past efforts. Brief rest. Success. Praise. Achievement. Congratulations.

The Six of Wands Meaning.
A well earned success brings rich rewards. Rest and recuperate for now but the battle must continue. Happiness built on past performance. Victory through diplomacy.

The Six of Wands Reversed.
A defeatist attitude will bring failure. Fear of your opponents secret plans or unseen actions. Delayed success.


Jupiter in Leo

You are a generous person and you have quite a flamboyant side to your nature. You can attract the attention of others with ease, which makes you successful in most social interactions. You have a healthy belief in yourself and many of the benefits in life are conferred through your ability to follow your heart.






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