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Seven of Swords


The 7 of Swords tarot cardThe Seven of Swords Meaning of the Symbols.

The seven of Swords symbolizes secrecy and underhanded actions, a need for caution. The figure symbolizes a crafty man taking from his enemies everything he can carry (He may not be actually stealing physical things, it could just be his enemies advantages?) The orange garment symbolizes his enjoyment at his actions. The red hat symbolizes his careful planning before taking action. The tents with flags in the background symbolize a temporary establishment, he can only remove that which has not been secured. (The two swords left behind are stuck in the ground)


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  The Seven of Swords Correspondences and Associations.


Defining Keywords
Taking advantage. Caution. Beware. Thief. Betrayal. Cheat.

The Seven of Swords Meaning.
Be cunning and make sure you fight on your terms, not your enemies. Careful planning will be needed before you return.

The Seven of Swords Reversed.
Watch your back, make sure you trust the right people. Selfish actions will bring shame.


Moon in Aquarius

You have an emotional need for freedom and your independence is very important to you. You have a definite humanitarian bent and you also possess an ability to understand unusual concepts and ideas. You very often march to the beat of a different drummer and you are ahead of the times in many respects. You make a loyal friend and an interesting companion for those who favor intellectual stimulation. You enjoy unconventional experiences and you place a high value on individual freedom.








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