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Seven of Cups


The 7 of Cups tarot cardThe Seven of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

The seven of Cups symbolizes multiple choices and making the right decisions, unrealistic expectations. The cups are in the clouds to symbolize our unreachable dreams and wishes, the cups contents symbolize our choices, the bust love, the snake wisdom, castle for security, jewels for wealth, a dragon for fear and the wreath victory. The central cup contains a figure shrouded in white, the color of purity, this symbolizes an unknown wish made with a pure heart. The action color red covering it tells us this is the choice we should go for.  The figure in the foreground symbolizes our darker selves.


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  The Seven of Cups Correspondences and Associations.


Defining Keywords

Wanting it all. Wishful thinking. Hard decisions.  Imagination. Desires. Unobtainable.

The Seven of Cups Meaning.
The fantasies that can make our lives more exciting. Wishing for something doesn't make it happen. More choices than you know. Choose wisely.

The Seven of Cups Reversed.
There's a lack of action. No control over your senses. Opportunity lost because of a wrong decision.


Venus in Scorpio

You display an intense loyalty and attachment in relationships. You are capable of deep intimacy, but should watch a tendency to become overly possessive with those you care about. Intense jealousy can create a self fulfilling prophecy when the one you actually care for so deeply feels compelled to break free eventually.


Seven of Cups from the Universal Tarot.














This Seven of Cups is from the Bruegel Tarot













This one comes from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.













The last Seven of Cups is from the Golden Dragon Tarot.














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