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Queen of Wands


The Queen of Wands tarot card  The Queen of Wands Meaning of the Symbols.

 The Queen of Wands represents a kind loving and trusting woman, she's also adventurous and good with money. She sits with her legs apart to symbolize her receptiveness. A white cloak covers her yellow gown to symbolize a mask of purity covering her not so pure active mind. The dancing red lions symbolize her ability to calm and play with fire. A black cat often symbolizes misfortune but in Tarot it's a symbol of homely comforts and good fortune. She looks towards fresh pastures, symbolized by the white hills. This Queen sits on a firm base to show us she's well grounded.



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  The Queen of Wands Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Self-Governing. Trusting. Kind. Generous. Dramatic. Performer.

The Queen of Wands Meaning.
She is lively, active and a  lover of freedom, this warm-natured Queen possesses charm and grace. A good organizer of money and practical affairs.

The Queen of Wands Reversed.
An overbearing woman, she is vain and liable to take outrageous actions to get what she wants. Prone to imagining the worst in any given situation.



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