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Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords tarot cardThe Queen of Swords Meaning of the Symbols.

The Queen of Swords symbolizes a wise no-nonsense independent woman who has known sorrow and pain, she will fight for what she believes in. The single bird flying above her is a symbol of spiritual freedom. The cut rope on her right wrist (cut by the Sword of her intellect) tells us she has been freed from bondage and confusion. The windswept tree is behind her but leans towards her to symbolize past troubles that could still affect her. Her throne is on top of a hill to symbolize her authority. Her sword points straight up to symbolize her spiritual power.


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  The Queen of Swords Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Practical. Determination. Independence. Divorced.

The Queen of Swords Meaning.
An intelligent woman who lets nothing stand in her way, she has known sorrow but hides her emotions. She instinctively perceives the attitudes of others and pays great attention to detail.

The Queen of Swords Reversed.
An evil and dangerous woman. She is vindictive, malicious and jealous. A bad tempered woman who is an expert twister of words.



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