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Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups tarot card  The Queen of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

 The Queen of Cups represents a sensitive and considerate motherly figure, but she can sometimes take things the wrong way. The elaborate cup symbolizes her creative abilities. She stares at the cup to symbolize her understanding of emotions. Her white garment symbolizes her purity and her yellow crown symbolizes her authority and intelligence. The Cherub-like mermaids symbolize a link between her spirituality and emotions. Her throne sits on land but one foot touches the water to show us she's in tune with both the material and spiritual worlds.



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  The Queen of Cups Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Nurturer. Emotions. Intuition. Sensitivity.

The Queen of Cups Meaning.
A warm hearted and loving person, she is protective towards her family and sympathetic towards the needs of others. You can trust her instincts.

The Queen of Cups Reversed.
An immoral person who demands constant attention, she is a manipulative and moody woman who will drain your energies.






This is the Queen of Cups from the Hello Kitty Tarot deck















The card on the right is the Queen of Cups from the Aquarian Tarot.












The Queen of Cups from the Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot deck















This last one is from the Transition Tarot deck.
















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