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The Page of Wands tarot card  The Page of Wands Meaning of the Symbols.


The Page of Wands symbolizes childhood energies, the seeds of creativity and good news. This page holds his wand with both hands, the right hand symbolizes action and the heft hand symbolizes emotions and intuition. When a feather is from a known bird it symbolizes the qualities of that bird, feathers from an unknown bird symbolizes either a free spirit or a search for the truth. He stands inactive but his yellow boots are symbolizing his intent to move forward creatively.

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  The Page of Wands Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Good news. Communication. Ideas. Faithful. Optimism.

The Page of Wands Meaning.
A hard-working and enthusiastic young person who will bring you positive inspirations. A free spirit, he could also be a messenger bringing important news that will cheer your heart.

The Page of Wands Reversed.
A mischievous lover of scandal and gossip. Unstable and unable to make decisions, he could also be the bearer of bad news. 



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