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Nine of Pentacles


The 9 of Pentacles tarot card  The Nine of Pentacles Meaning of the Symbols.

 The nine of pentacles symbolizes financial desires and security, our satisfaction in knowing the right things to choose and following those choices through. The hooded falcon symbolizes subdued  discipline. The pentacles on the grapevine symbolize a fruitful life. The bold snail in the foreground tells us something rotten is in the garden, the woman is accepting it because it reminds her to be proud of who she is, warts, snails and all.



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  The Nine of Pentacles Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Independence. Success. Comfort. Security. Achievement. Getting there on your own.

The Nine of Pentacles Meaning.
Prosperity and enjoying the comforts that money can buy. A fruitful garden. You have self-discipline and can rely on your own resources to get what you want. 

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed.
Living beyond your means. Wealth gained by others misfortune. Sudden drain on resources. A threat to your safety.

Venus in Virgo

You are dependable and you enjoy helping others in some capacity. You usually relate well to your co-workers. You are kind and sympathetic, but you know how to keep your own feelings out of the picture even when someone is crying on your shoulder. You can be critical of those you truly care about whether friend or lover. This is because you want only the best for loved ones. But, you will have to use your Virgo power of discrimination in applying this principle because not everyone will appreciate your good intentions.


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