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Nine of Cups


The 9 of Cups tarot cardThe Nine of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

The nine of Cups symbolizes our wishes and dreams coming true, satisfaction and happiness. The cups symbolize his wishes and dreams, they're behind him which tells us he hasn't secured them yet. He sits, with his arms folded, on a simple bench which symbolizes physical contentment but his red head dress symbolizes an active mind, The yellow background symbolizes the mans mental imagery. Arthur Waite once said the cups are full of wine, are so many wines good for him?  :)


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  The Nine of Cups Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Time for indulgence. Happiness. Contentment. Reward. Satisfaction.

The Nine of Cups Meaning.
Often called the wish card, the nine of cups shows emotional, sensual and physical contentment, satisfaction on all levels. The good times are here. Your future will be brighter. 

The Nine of Cups Reversed.
You're unreasonable desires will be your downfall. Action on your part is needed for your wishes come true. Complacency.  Abuse of hospitality.

Jupiter in Pisces

This placement of Jupiter endows you with a powerful imagination. You will reap whatever you believe and it is important for you to make a conscious effort to overcome any inner voices of self doubt. You have a high level of compassion for your fellow man. Positive metaphysical practices are beneficial for you. For example, meditation could develop the potential for attaining a kind of cosmic consciousness if you choose that path. Spending some time alone meditating and creating positive visualizations will counteract negativity and strengthen your ability to make your dreams a reality.


This card is the Nine of Cups from the Spirit of Flowers Tarot deck, the flower is Lavender.













The Gilded Tarot Nine of Cups














This Nine of Cups is from the Magickal Tarot deck













The last one is from the Nimue Tarot










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