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 0 The Fool

 1 The Magician

 2 The High Priestess

 3 The Empress

 4 The Emperor

 5 The Hierophant

 6 The Lovers

 7 The Chariot

 8 Strength

 9 The Hermit

10 The Wheel of Fortune

11 Justice

12 The Hanged Man

13 The Death Card

14 Temperance

15 The Devil

16 The Tower

17 The Star

18 The Moon

19 The Sun

20 Judgement

21 The World

Ace of Cups

Ace of Wands

Ace  of Pentacles

Ace of Swords










The Magician Tarot card from the Solleone Tarot deck  In the Sollione Tarot the Magician looks very bedraggled, he  has what looks like a bird of prey on his shoulder and it has its beady eyes on whatever's on the Magicians table, could that be three bars of gold and a crystal ball?. Anyway, this magician does not raise his hand to the heavens, this one looks towards the sun and points to the table with his finger. He looks like he has been caught in the desert suns heat and has lost his fools hat under the table.



  The Magician from The Celtic Tarot

  The Celtic Tarot by Gaudenzi is shown on the right, this magician has stolen the Fools bag and carries it over his shoulder, he kneels on a rock under a tree and his table has turned into a chequered piece of cloth. This Magician must be lost and the check design on the cloth is really a grid map of the area he's in,  he point his magic wand to the map hoping a divine entity will show him the way. A normal snake is entwined around the wand.




The Magician from The Barbera Walker Tarot The Barbara Walker Tarot Magician is now on the left and that tree looks very wintry, even the surroundings look barren and bleak. This man wears a black robe and because he holds his baton up to the heavens this could be meaning the black arts. He holds the baton in his right hand with two fingers pointing upwards, with his left hand he is pointing one finger straight at the Pentacle on the table, I think he is asking the dark forces to bestow on him plenty of money and other material things.



  The Magician from The Medieval Scapini Tarot

The Medieval Scapini Tarot Magician is the last in this line-up, here the magician sits at his table, there is no pentacle on the table but there are three coins instead. He appears to hold a narrow wand in his left hand and also he touches a sword with the same hand, he touches the largest coin with his right hand and just stares at the table. The cup on the table is full indicating that this magician needs nor seeks no favours from any of the heavenly forces.
















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2. The High Priestess






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