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Knight of Wands


The Knight of Wands tarot cardThe Knight of Wands Meaning of the Symbols.

The Knight of Wands symbolizes daring adventures, travel, eagerness and  fresh ideas. On his garment are salamanders, their tails don't meet their mouths which symbolize the incompleteness of his plans. His horse is orange to symbolize emotional movement, it faces left and he pulls on its reins to symbolize his reservations. The distant pyramids symbolize forgotten knowledge. Flames are coming from his armour to symbolize his enthusiasm.



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  The Knight of Wands Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords

New ideas. Action required. Change direction. Enthusiasm. Departure. Challenge.

The Knight of Wands Meaning.
An energetic man of action who seeks constant change, quick to start something but soon loses interest.  Unpredictable moods, he could change direction at any time. A journey could be indicated.

The Knight of Wands Reversed.
A quarrelsome man who loves conflict and creating confusion. A lying charmer who cannot be trusted, he will walk away when he can get no more.



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