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Four of Swords


The 4 of Swords tarot card  The Four of Swords Meaning of the Symbols.

 The four of Swords symbolizes a need for rest and recuperation, a time for retreating to gather our thoughts before deciding our next move. The window symbolizes a view to how others see things. The three swords above him symbolize his troubles and the sword below him symbolizes his inner knowledge about how to overcome them. He rests as he searches his subconscious until the answers come to his conscious mind. Yellow symbolizes his intellectual activity while he sleeps.


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  The Four of Swords Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Time to re-evaluate. Withdrawal. Rest. Meditation. Abandonment.

The Four of Swords Meaning.
A wise temporary retreat during troubled times. Take time to gather your resources before you continue your struggle. Recuperation from a hectic life-style is needed. 

The Four of Swords Reversed.
A return from isolation. You're ignoring all the warnings. You create the conflicts that hold you up.


Jupiter in Libra

You are a born diplomat and many of the benefits in life come to you through cooperative efforts with other people. Often you will sacrifice your own personal desires in order to avoid conflicts in relationships. You can be extravagant, lavish and indulgent with yourself and others. You have a deep appreciation for beautiful things and you may have some artistic talents.





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