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0. The Fool

The fool is sometimes unnumbered or displayed as 0 (the first) but can also be represented as or XXI (the second to last) or even XXII (the last). It is one of the 78 cards in a Tarot deck that make up the Major Arcana or Trump Cards.



 0 The Fool

 1 The Magician

 2 The High Priestess

 3 The Empress

 4 The Emperor

 5 The Hierophant

 6 The Lovers

 7 The Chariot

 8 Strength

 9 The Hermit

10 The Wheel of Fortune

11 Justice

12 The Hanged Man

13 The Death Card

14 Temperance

15 The Devil

16 The Tower

17 The Star

18 The Moon

19 The Sun

20 Judgement

21 The World

Ace of Cups

Ace of Wands

Ace  of Pentacles

Ace of Swords




The Fool's Meaning of the Symbols.

The Fool tarot card
In Tarot the Fool card symbolizes the start of a fresh new journey into unknown territory.

The Cliff symbolizes the unseen pitfalls he may face along the way.

The snow covered mountains symbolise the fool being devoid of spiritual knowledge, they also symbolise the Fools challenges in life, his mission here could be to gather all the knowledge needed to attain a higher spiritual level and put it in the bag he carries then bring it to the mountains, they also represent his destination. The bag he carries also represents that part of the mind where all our knowledge and experiences are kept to be remembered and called upon when needed.

The Eagle shown on the bag symbolizes inner power and freedom, the Fool carries the bag on a wand to symbolise the magical powers of the inner mind.

The Dog symbolizes our natural basic inner instincts, here the dogs is anxiously warning the fool of the dangers that lie ahead and the folly of his actions. The Fools stance tells us he is taking no notice of his gut feelings, he feels only the freedom of the open countryside and  not much else is getting through to his conscious mind. Dogs also symbolise loyalty, friendship and companionship.

Roses can symbolise our passions, the white one the fool carries tells us of the innocent purity of his inner thoughts, the sun is also white to symbolise the freedom of a pure spirit.

A yellow sky symbolizes the limitless knowledge that can be found on our travels through life, if we are prepared to seek it out.

The red feather in the fools cap symbolises a future rebirth, physical vitality and courage, it can also herald good fortune, he also wears a white garment to symbolise his innocence but this is covered by a loose garment covered in mish-mash of symbols to represent free but frivolous spirit.
The Fool tells us to be prepared for the unexpected, and make sure we remember life's important lessons.








  The Fool's Correspondences and Associations.

The Fool Tarot card is associated with the Rune Dagaz, this rune tells us of the power of daylight, moving from the depths of darkness into the brilliance of spiritual awareness, and so the Fool must start his personal journey from the darkness into the brightness of day to gain his own inner enlightenment.

In a relationship readings the Tarot Fool scores highly with a passion score of 7 out of 78, love will come to those who seek it out, the romantic fools journey is now into his new partners mind, discovering love and uncovering the good and the bad virtues within his new partner.

A butterfly represents the wild aspect in the fools character, he flitters about not really knowing where he's going until he gets there,  butterflies symbolise romantic adventures and transformation, the Fool will be a new man after his travels.
The Fool Tarot card is associated to the planet Uranus in Astrology. This planet represents a need for freedom and self expression, but it also tells us of selfish eccentricity which could be why the Fool starts his journey in the first place, people help him along his journey but he helps no one in return!


The Fools Defining Keywords.

Innocence, Beginnings, Thoughtfulness, Purity, Extravagance, Freedom, Potential, Immaturity, Excitement, Risk, Folly, Irrationality, Enthusiasm,

The Fools Meaning
Optimistic new beginnings or opportunities, a new relationship beckon but the path ahead may not be as easy as it looks. Fresh company or new events are coming up. Starting a journey to discover new experiences and personal fulfilment, a spiritual impulse.

The Fool Reversed.
Don't make quick rash decisions or let outside influences pressurize you until you know all the facts. Appearances may not be reality.










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