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Eight of Cups


The 8 of Cups tarot cardThe Eight of Cups Meaning of the Symbols.

The eight of Cups symbolizes leaving a stable position that's not working, sorrow and disappointment with our endeavors or love life. Red is the symbolic color of action. He heads for the mountain of enlightenment. The cups still stand upright which tells us of past happiness. Although nothing has been spilled the cups are piling up without a true pattern, something is missing. The man knows it's time to walk away, he has to seek the missing cups needed to complete a pattern then maybe return. The moon covering the sun symbolizes hidden truths.

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  The Eight of Cups Correspondences and Associations.



Defining Keywords
Natural conclusion. Seeking a remedy. Breaking ties. Disenchantment. Withdrawing.

The Eight of Cups Meaning.
Follow your heart, your natural instincts. It 's time to move on. You need to find what is missing in your life.

The Eight of Cups Reversed.
You lack the courage to leave your present situation. Your present happiness is just an illusion. Peace of  mind eludes you.


Saturn in Pisces

You will be called on to practice forgiveness, humility and altruism. You will have to learn the art of persevering against the odds and often the only encouragement you receive will be from you yourself. It is extremely important that you not undervalue your own unique contribution to humankind.

This is the Eight of Cups from the Gothic Tarot














The Eight of Cups from the Tarot of the Witches.














This one is from the Celtic Tarot













The last Eight of Cups is from the German version of the Rohrig Tarot














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